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The CONVERTPOLY command of AutoCAD


Today, I am releasing the complete source code and a working version of the CONVERTPOLY command for Bricscad, to convert light-weight to heavy-weight polylines and vice-versa.

This has been available to Bricscad users as well as part of the FREEWARE (AutoCAD 2 Bricscad transition tools) routines in our GeoTools software.

Feel free to use it, enhance it, modify it. Any comments and feedback, please post it here.

You can download the complete source code / working program from here:

For those of you who are new to CONVERTPOLY, this is a command available in AutoCAD which converts light-weight to heavy-weight polylines and vice-versa. Native Bricscad still lacks this command and I have created this command as part of our productivity tools.

Rakesh Rao

Stay tuned on this forum: I will be releasing source codes of all the A2B FREEWARE transition tools contained within GeoTools.


  • Hello Rakesh,

    works like a charm. Thanks a ton.

  • @ Rakesh: Strange that you are not using vl* functions for this purpose... They are are a real time saver here.
    Things to consider regarding your code:
    1. Entity linetype, color, etc. are lost.
    2. Polylines that are not parallel to the XY plane of the WCS are not processed correctly.

    Attached a version using vl* function.


  • @Roy: Thanks for the updated version. Yes, many of my code still use old-fashioned Lisp. Of course, (vl-.....) also is quite old now but I have not changed my code. I must migrate my old code to vl... yet another thing to do.

    - Rakesh Rao
  • I have updated my code. I have added a workaround for the AcDb2dPolyline linetype property bug (SR has been sent).


  • Thanks, Roy again for the update fix.

    I must learn a few things (for efficiency) from your code and implement in my code.

    - Rakesh Rao
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