Copy /paste wrong scale


Two drawings are using the identical scale.
But: when I copy /paste from origin, then I have to scale the copied entities 10x or 0.1x depending from floor to floor.
Where does bricscad introduce the scale of copy/paste?


  • Check INSUNITS variable and set it the same for both drawings.
  • That's the solution.

    But: I never changed this variable.

    And most architects work with autocad or Revit.
    I so no reason behind the scaling when copy/paste  so INSUNITS
    Cop/paste is usual always 1:1

  • INSUNIT as a system variable, which is stored inside the drawing ...
    so even the template drawing (.dwt) which is chosen and/or configured (for _qnew)
    will affect this variable.

    It is exactly the same as with AutoCAD - INSUNITS was added especially for architects, to easier deal with "drawing scales" :-)

    Many greetings !
  •  @Vaidas
    It is not necessary to set INSUNITS at the same value in both drawings. If INSUNITS is different in the source and the target drawing, the copied geometry will be scaled accordingly.
  • insunits reports from different drawings 4 , 10, 5, 100
    Sure, re-setting insunits and then save but if I open a new drawing (from chapoo for example) the insunits is again not set at 0.

    Is there no way to fix the insunits variable so that it set to 0 when a drawings is openened?

    Autocad has this problem not, zwcad neither, Draftsight also , but it's related to Bricscad.

  • Dear Stefaan
    Setting INSUNITS=0 is definitely not a good choice, because when you copy/paste entities from such drawings into another drawing in which the INSUNITS value is set correctly and the drawing units represent a different unit, the scaling of the pasted geometry will most probably be not correct.
    As a matter of fact, when INSUNITS=0 in the source drawing or the target drawing or in both, two other system variables control the scaling when copy/pasting entities: INSUNITSDEFSOURCE controls the units of the source drawing and INSUNITSDEFTARGET controls the units in the target drawing. If you think copy/paste behaviour is different in BricsCAD, please compare the value of INSUNITSDEFSOURCE  and INSUNITSDEFTARGET in the other software packages to their values in BricsCAD, especially when you have INSUNITS=0 in your drawings.

  • The insunits setting is stored in a drawing, so quite obviously when opening a downloaded drawing, one hardly can expect it to always be 0 ( = not specified), it will have whatever value that has been stored in the drawing.

    In fact, one can only hope that the insunits value will be non-zero ( = well defined), which will allow the drawing to be automatically and properly scaled when inserting it as a block or attaching it as an xref to another drawing. As you may want to verify, this is also what AutoCAD will do when inserting or attaching the drawing: it will be properly scaled according to the insunits values of the drawings involved.

    When copy/pasting between drawings, we, and many users who sent in support requests about this specific issue, expect scaling to be applied according to insunits, consistent with how it would be applied when inserting or attaching the copied content. In AutoCAD the scaling is not applied when copy/pasting. We can only guess whether this behavior is intentional, we only can confirm that the BricsCAD behavior is intentional.
  • I can call this : a bug.

    Copy /paste should always be 1:1  no matter what happens.
    I receive drawings created with autocad, revit, zwcad , draftsight , progecad.

    I have zwcad , Draftsight and Bricscad pro v14 installed but on another computer within the comany autocad 2014

    Zwcad copy/paste : always 1:1 unless scale changes when pasting.
    Draftsight : also
    Autocad : also

    It's only Bricscad that has this weird solution for copying between drawings.
    Auto set copyscale to 1;1 when opening a drawing.

  • ps: I worked 7 years with Mechanical Desktop, 2 years with inventor, 11 years with autocad, almost one year now with zwcad, a month or so Bricscad.
    Never had copy/paste problems , ok if the drawings cale of a drawing is different, then copy/paste will als be not correct.
    But I always clean up every drawings towards a mm dimensions, clean the drawings, set units .

    Auto copy /paste to 1:1 unless the user sleect another scale.

  •  Stefaan, you may call this as you like, but the explanations given by Louis Verdonck and Hans de Backer were concise and exhausted the subject.
    It is rather the way Autodesk chose to implement unit settings in their originally unitless software that could deserve further discussion, but I'm not going to start thís here, since probably no one cares...

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