Publish in background problem

I am evaluating BricsCAD for our usage.
I have problem with publishing. When I try to publish in the background, nothing is printed. Command line says this:
Drawing name: /pl.dwg
Unable to find requested file "/pl.dwg"

Publishing without background option print everything fine.
Did anyone encounter this problem too? I didn't find anything in the forum.  I am running OpenSUSE 13.2 64bit, Bricscad 13.2.17.



  • Unfortunatley i have no idea about your problem,
    but for evaluation purpose i think you should also take a look at V14 beta
     (make a service request asking for it)

    The comminucator for V14 is not yet in beta though.
    Bricsys, do you have a plan for which month communicator will be in beta?
  • >Bricsys, do you have a plan for which month communicator will be in beta?
    As it happens, I started working on it yesterday.
    The intention is to publish the first beta about the same time V14 gets released.

    Tom Pol
    As Morgan advices, please enter a support request for this issue
    Explain the steps that you take to publish with/without background option.
    Do you use a linux terminal command, or the publishing feature inside BricsCAD?
    Ask for beta access if you want to test on V14 yourself.
    We do not intend to apply further fixes to V13.2.17, the V14 release is imminent.
    If the issue persists in V14, we will work on it.
  • Thanks for your replies.
    I was trying to print on background from GUI, standard publish command. I'll try to get into beta of V14 and not pursue this problem in old version.

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