Turn off Double-click mouse wheel = Zoom All?

When I double-click the mouse wheel-button I get a Zoom_All operation. That happens in both Bricscad and the more expensive but less user-friendly DWG cad software that my employer provides. Double-clicking the mouse wheel doesn't appear to do anything in any other software I have.

Is there a setting I can change to make that stop? There's nothing about double-clicking the wheel-button in my Mouse Control Panel, and I can't find a setting for it in Bricscad's Settings dialog or Customize dialog.

The reason I want to stop it is that I often inadvertently double-click the mouse wheel-button while panning with the mouse wheel. So I suddenly get a Zoom_All, which cancels whatever command was in progress. It's become a real problem as I and/or my mouse get older.


  • Try turning MBUTTONPAN to OFF. This will also disable the ability to _PAN by holding the wheel down. Alternatively if your mouse driver allows, try setting the middle button to some other action.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts
  • @Anthony:
    I guess it is hard-coded.
    Although this one never bothered me (I didn't even notice it so far), I totally agree: each hard-coded binding is a nuisance.
    If it was possible to integrate the Quad into .cui, it should also be feasible to provide for customization of second and third mouse button double-clicks, and for modifiers other than ctrl and shift. Maybe a candidate for the V15 wishlist...
    I don't think MBUTTONPAN has an influence on this.
    Anyway, I think all this legacy stuff should be deprecated and dropped ASAP, in favor of doing all customization through cui files / the GUI.

  • @Jason:
    I don't think MBUTTONPAN has an influence on this.
    Anyway, I think all this legacy stuff should be deprecated and dropped ASAP, in favor of doing all customization through cui files / the GUI.

    You're right it's a work around. If MBUTTONPAN is turned OFF, then the wheel button => middle button, and it comes under the control of the CUI. What action it takes is dependant on the configuration in the CUI.

    As you've pointed out it would be preferable if all theses settings could be configured from one place. I believe the CUI is quite flexible in this way. It can be extended by adding extra settings, such as the QUAD. These additions would be ignored by other CAD apps. Similar to how BricsCAD has extra codes for DCL, these are just ignored by AutoCAD.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts
  • Thanks for the replies.
    Turning off MBUTTONPAN did disable the wheel-button panning that I want to keep, but not the Zoom_All that I want to get rid of.
    So I guess I'm going to have to retire my antique GE 5-button mouse. It's worn to the point that it slips from click-drag into double-click.
    I've bought just about every major brand of 5-button mouse currently available, and none of them is nearly as good.

  • @Jason
    Me too, I still don't get it - even with MBUTTONPAN set to off, how do you want to override the built-in default, when there is as of yet no way to define a double-click action for the middle mouse button in the .cui?
    As to mouse configuration options as a whole: I have repeatedly pushed for mouse button bindings to become configurable, and the level reached now is somehow working for my needs. But your comments on .cui flexibility encouraged me to restate some points from my initial SR back in 2011 here, just in case someone wants to comment...

    [code](ID 31464)
    Please, throw away this convoluted mess of CTRLMOUSE, MBUTTONPAN, SHORTCUTMENU and , where it's completely unclear which should take precedence, and go for a sane and simple solution where ALL mouse related behavior (also for the left button) gets configured in ONE place (a Mouse tab in the customization dialog) and is written to the .cui file.
    - If the left mouse button actions would be defined in the third entry, compatibility would not really suffer.
    - The object selection functions would need names that can be put in the .cui, e.g SELECT_ENTITY, SELECT_SUBENTITY, CYCLE_SELECT, TOGGLE_SELECT, UNSELECT
    - All the rt* commands (plus the window zoom) would need a 'dynamic' version that supports drag and release (first point taken from pointer position when button gets pressed, second when button gets released), e.g. DRTROT, DRTPAN, so that that the functionality now in CTRLMOUSE and MBUTTONPAN gets available via the .cui[/code]

    Also, the bindings would need to be easily controllable via LISP (maybe this already works?), so that they can be switched by changing workspaces.
  • For mouse button control today I would look at AutoHotKey.  I use AHK in Bricscad to emulate 'select on mouse button press' on toolbars, similar to what Owen Wingerd's QuikPik does in Autocad.  
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