subscription renewed

I was using Bricscad Pro with subscription.

Approx one month ago, I've upgraded from Pro to Platinium but without renewing the subscription.
So, I've started with subscription today again.

It's not possible to register the subscription, even de-activated the bricscad platinium version and entered the new key received via e-mail but
not recognized by Brycsys. So what went wrong?


  • This BricsCAD user forum is for user-to-user communication.
    Please file a support request for questions to Bricsys staff.
    No subscription is required to file a support request.
  • I get a :

    Warning Oops. We didn't find what you are looking for.

    Maybe this will help:

    • Try using the search function of our web site
    • Contact support
    • Update your bookmarks

  • ok, i will contact support
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