BricsCAD Communicator V15.1.01 Download Install

Hi Everyone,

I am just downloading and installing BricsCAD Communicator V15.1.01 to see what it has to offer. This would allow some of the BricsCAD export functions to work in Platinum.

During the download I got a nasty message viz: "Out of disk space - Volume: 'C'; required space 1,439,556 KB; available space: 39,444 KB. Free some disk space and retry."

I checked my disk space and had about 500GB free on 'C' drive. I am presuming it is not referring to the virtual memory.

I just hit Retry and the installation seemed to continue. In the end it said Setup successful.

Any thoughts about what happened?


  • Bricscad moves on and v15.2 is availabe now.
    OS and OS version? 32 or 64 bit version of Bricscad.
    Setup said successfull, could You run Bricscad or does Bricscad gives an error message at starting?
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