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I would like to ask about he future of BIM module. As it currently stands, it has some nice parametric modelling features. But the problem I see is creating 2D documentation out of this model. There is the function of generated views, so one can produce elevations and sections, but the functionality is very limited - one cannot produce elevation of just part of the model. I am not sure if I am missing something, but creating 2D documentation is currently too tedious to be useful in practice. I was trying both generated views and creating 2D sections out of sections planes. Both workflows seemd to slow to me.  Are there any plans for V16 to enhance creating 2D documentation out of 3D models in BricsCAD?


  •  Hello Tom,
    The BIM product we are working on is a project in constant progress. The actual 2D approach will be extended on a regular basis, just like the integration of the database, improved IFC import/export, room generator, window/door module, etc. Indeed with V16 you will see substantial improvements. Let there be no doubt about our intentions: we want to make the most user-friendly and powerful BIM product out there. Please follow us and check regularly our progress. Keep in mind that this is a huge task, very ambitious - we know - but we are convinced that we can bring a new fresh approach to a market dominated by a product that is not answering the actual requirements of intuitiveness. And it will be 100% .dwg based.

    Best regards,   erik

  • Thanks for the update, Eric. We are currently trying to expand our workflow form 2D to 3D in our small architectural business. Currently the BIM module is not powerful enough so we are thinking of switching to ArchiCAD, inspite of the big price.
    It's good to hear that Bricsys is comminted to creating full BIM software out of BricsCAD, but for now it's too limited.
  •  I have to pose the same question, but in regards to the mechanical side of things, hopefully development of this subset of commands is still on the books - if they are looking for ideas, I have thrown a lot of them at the support teams - all stuff that I am coming up against in my daily work...
  •  Hello Guys,

    Shouldn't left to mention that there are independent developers who are currently ellaborating on applications headed specificaly to the architectural area, that besides sharing all the basic BIM features provided by BricsCAD, in V15 & V16 cycles, will enhance its practicabilities to offer full sets of streamlined design development tools.

    Applications will be also covering 3D<->2D bidirectional real-time connection, and potentialize windows/doors parametric editing, making easier the process to detail 2D drawing extremely ellaborated as the same way we are used to make since ever.

    The first advantage of BricsCAD is that a user will start to produce his design without needing to relearn everything, as its demanded by several of the other BIm platforms. With BricsCAD a user that already knows how to design in 2D will easily pass the threshold of being modeling in 3D, with the advantage to be his 2D strictly tied with the 3D model.

    Bricsys is also preparing a BIM API (Application Programming Interface) - expected to be available soon, to provide tools for developers, and will support initiativies from application developers who want to introduce local design standards, valid for each country, strenghtening the platform, making it a lot easier then it appears to be today.

    We've heard of a lot of designing tools to be exposed soon using the powerful BricsCAD BIM features.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Miguel,
    that sounds good. Hopefully these tools and V16 will not be revealed too late for us to check, if they satisfy our needs. I'd rather stay with something I know - BricsCAD, than switching and learning ArchiCAD.
  •  Hi Tom,

    I'll gather some perspectives regarding initiatives that already are started up, and as soon as possible will report it here.

    Best regards,
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