Layer Manager Crashes Bricscad

Opening the Layer manager Crashes Bricscad V15 Linux. Will crash when opening directly or through the Layer states. I can only use the pull down.


  •  I have the same problem. If I have very few layers in a drawing, the layer manager will not crash the program, but if I have more than about 20, Bricscad will hang when I try to use the layer manager. I use the layer command with the keyboard (I.e. "-layer") rather than the menu, and that works fine. -- I thought I had reported this, but I cannot find a support ticket on it.
  • Hi,
    I had Bricscad V15.1 freezing when trying to open layer manager in some files. It got solved with V15.2.
  •  Thanks for posting, Tomas. I upgraded from 15.1 to 15.2 and it solved the layer manager problem (as far as I've tested.) It also seems to have resolved a problem I had with using the space bar to enter a command. -- Thanks Bricscad team and thanks Tomas.

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