V15 PRO 3D object warehouse


My name is Tomislav, and, currently I¨m using V13 classic. I want to buy V15 pro, for BIM modeling and interior designing, but I can¨t find it in any topic, if V15 pro has a warehouse of a 3D objects, wich I can put in to room, and then all together with building export as a 3DS model to render in Artlantis, or V-Ray. I don¨t have to mention, that this 3D objects also has to be recognised as a 3DS models. Thanks



  • Hi,
    BricsCAD doesn't include 3D library, just few windows/doors as BIM objects. You can either create your own or download dwg's from internet. BricsCAD can also import Sketchup models (google warehouse), I haven't tested it yet to tell if it works well.
    BricsCAD doesn't export 3DS models. I am not sure which formats Artlantis imports, but if it doesn't import dwg, you can only use collada format. If you have a little time to wait, I would recommend to wait until autumn (that's usually time new windows bricscad release comes) for V16, which should have further enhanced BIM functions. I consider BIM module in V15 as beta - it's still work in progress in my point of view, expecially when creating 2D construction documents out of 3D models.
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