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 When using snap options ( say when drawing a line from one block to another) I will pick a snap option from the tool menu at the top of the page.
Then as lines or other are drawn the snap options as reflected in the top tool bar will change without my input.
Is there an option to keep my snap selections stable and not changing on their own?

Thanks  H. Hampton.


  •  I was attracted to this thread, because I occasionally seem to have OSNAP settings changing on me. I don't normally use the snap toolbar, but I just tried on my v14, and do not see it changing at all unless I manually choose a tile on it.   Normally, I just use the OSNAP command, which brings up the settings window.  But, occasionally it seems to go wonky, and the near snap becomes active.  Needless to say, this can cause errors because if I want to snap to the end of a line, the near command will often take precedence   It may be a mis-behaving 3rd party app, but I only have one of those set to load, and it is only a global viewport lock/unlock macro, and does not use osnaps at all.

  • @ Harvey:
    Maybe you mean that when you click on a button in the Entity Snaps toolbar during a command, the selected option is a temporary override. This is how the toolbar is meant to function. The idea is that you set up your 'standard' entity snaps before starting a command.
    It is possible to change this behavior through the _CUSTOMIZE command. But if you are a novice it is wise to first acquaint yourself with the out-of-the-box CUI.
  • @ Harvey:
    ...the selected option is a temporary override. This is how the toolbar is meant to function...

    Roy is correct. Check out the OSNAP command to see which entity snaps are available.
  • I just leave nearly all snaps on at once - very rarely do I have to leave only one active, in order to 'force' a reluctant snap - Tangent is usually the culprit.
  •  Thanks for all responses.
  • One thing to note is that if you want to get an entity snap to alway turn standard (even inside a command)

    edit the command line to


    or whatever snap you like. I usually keep endpiont and nearest like this. Other snaps I find more irritating if permanentely on.

  •  Please remember that, if multiple esnaps are selected, you can cycle all possible entity snaps when repeatedly hitting the TAB key, without moving the mouse.
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