Stamping Drawings Obsolete or Superseded


I am wondering how others handle a similar task - I am trying to put the words 'SUPERSEDED' or 'OBSOLETE' at an angle across the entire drawing - the title block also includes a smaller less obtrusive stamp and some notes.  I tried to make a block and place the block in paperspace and set its draw order to back, and the viewports above it but this doesn't seem to have an effect.  I would like to ensure that while there is a stamp (printed with colour that is 60% screened) that the drawing data can be seen through the stamp.  The only way I can do this is to place the words into model space inside on the the viewports existing in the drawing, then take the viewport and stretch it and set the draworder of the stamp to behind, and then set the draw order of all other entities to above.  This is a huge pain and I am wondering what others are doing in a similar situation.  I thought that settings Lines Merge in the PC3 file would allow you to see through the stamp if placed on top of other entities, but that isn't the case it seems...


  •  I had a thread on Watermarking a while back, which discusses similar issues.

    There might be alternative approaches to make it obvious to the user that the drawing is obsolete.    One approach might be to simply put a diagonal line from one corner of the drawing to another. Use a fine lineweight, and it is not likely to be an issue unless your drawing normally has diagonal lines at a similar angle.  But that should be obvious to the draftsman when they draw the line, and they might simply make the diagonal from the other pair of corners for that specific drawing.. Another idea might be to change the border of drawing to a custom line type that says"---------OBSOLETE----------------OBSOLETE----------" in a fairly small font.

  • Hi Scott,
    apparently there's new "transparency" entity/layer property in new V16 release. Setting the "OBSOLETE" sign to be more transparent than 0% should solve your issue. I didn't test it though, I am still on V15.

  • The 'Lines Merge' setting apparently only applies to prints on paper and does not work for TTF text.
    Try switching off the 'Plot paperspace last' toggle. This ensures that PS is printed first.

    What you can also try:
    1. Use the _TXTEXP command to create an outline of your TTF text.
    2. Add a hatch pattern (not required, but I would not use a solid hatch).
    3. Put everything on layer "0" and change all props to 'ByBlock'.
    4. Create a block.

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