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When I cntl-c then cntrl-v, the item I have inserted appears  on the other side of the screen.
I am sure copy-paste used to put the item back at the cursor point.
Any ideas?


  • By default the bottom left point of the bounding box is used as the insertion point for Ctrl+V. Maybe the geometry you are pasting is more complex than you think. Perhaps it is a block with entities on frozen layers? Check if you have the same issue when you copy-paste a circle.
  • Interesting - on a new drawing all is well. Thanks for the input.
  • I often see that problem with files created by other people. I assume it's due to some setting they used.

    But it only happens if I copy to the clipboard using Ctrl-V or CopyClip. I can always avoid it by using CopyBase (Copy with Base Point).
  • Oops. Of course I meant "if I copy to the clipboard using Ctrl-C..." And I forgot to mention that you can redefine Ctrl-C in the Keyboard tab of the Customize dialog to mean Copy with Base Point.
  • Also, check INSUNITS + INSBASE ... BricsCAD respects this by Ctrl-V, AutoCAD does not respect these settings here.
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