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Anyone try running Bricscad for PC's on a MAC using WINE?

Is it possible and how did it go?


  •  I may not be very helpful.  I just downloaded the Ver 16 for Mac.  I am an Autocad user and this program runs my larger cad files just fine.  I popped a 400mb 45 sheets (DWG) and it loaded just fine on this macbook pro.  Turbocad was a non-starter.  It took 15 minutes to "import" the file.  Then saving the file was slow also.

    I don't know about running any emulators or bootcamp.
  •  Hi,
    I have installed B.15 Mac versionon my MacBook Pro and Win version on MacPRO via Parallers 11 and W.8 in the office and works fine. I need W8 in the office because of pdf printing. PDF printing on Mac osx version sucks.
    I'll chest WINE in the future.
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