Unpurgable linetypes

 I have a drawing from another company, that has hundreds of unpurgable lintypes. By using the filter to select objects with these linetypes, it shows there are no objects in the drawing that use these linetypes.

There is more than a minor delay to open the linetype list, and it is cumbersome to find the linetypes I want.

Is there any way to get rid of them? 



  • Perhaps this is your problem:
    purge unpurgable linetypes/styles - dgn file import error

    Note that linetypes can be referenced by entites that are not in model or paper space (entities in blocks, layers, dimstyles etc.). So your conclusion may not be correct.
  • Thank you for the reply. The link you provided requires a log-in to be able to see.

    In this drawing everything that is purgable is purged.  Though, the  original draftsman seems to have the policy of exploding any blocks.  So, I consider it unlikely that I have hundreds of linetypes hidden in any unexploded blocks. There are only perhaps 15 blocks remaining from the original source.

    The issue is not only that there are so many unpurgable linetypes, but that many of his linetypes are created at vastly different scales. So, ideally I would be able to find the offending lines with a linetype that is needed, but I can change it to a more appropriate version of that linetype.

    One of the linetypes that are unneeded, are the 10+ copies of the tree line linetype. There are, railroad tracks and other things that have no reason to have been used in this drawing.  So, I suspect they got there accidentally.

    I am wondering if there may be stuff like zero length lines? Then every time the original draftsman inserted a block with one of these objects, and every time they reused a prior drawing, they grew the list of unpurgable things. 

  • The core portion of the code in the link is actually a single line:
    [code](dictremove (namedobjdict) "ACAD_DGNLINESTYLECOMP")[/code]
    You can try running it from the command bar (copy+paste) and then purging multiple times to see if there is an effect.

    If it does not help: post the dwg or file an SR.
  •  That simple line of code did the trick.  After simply pasting that line and then purging, all those unwanted linetypes went away.

    My 4,377 KB file is now 1,284 KB.  So, it was more than just those unwanted linetypes that were there.

    Thank you very much,
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