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Has anyone found a way to migrate VectorWorks VWX files to BricsCAD DWG files

We are moving an office from Vectorworks to BricsCAD and we are looking for a way to mass export this files to DWG, any suggestions or success stories?


  • Hi Carlos,
    We did find this post on the Vector site, however, the Vector licenses were of the rental type and turned off before the office was fully migrated, I do believe that users are starting to realize the danger of running an office with the rental schema versus the safety/work continuity of the perpetual license schema.  We also see that people is starting to understand the problems of using proprietary file formats like VWX and RVT versus an open file format like ODA's DWG used by BricsCAD
    So we are looking for a way to convert the files without having to renovate the Vector license contract.  The search for alternatives has been unsuccessful so far thus this post
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