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File Size

 I have a simple Xref file that to me should be very small.   It is a very small room layout.  4 layers.  No hatching.
But the size is 5.5 M.    Purge command does not reduce size.  Does anyone know why this simple file is so large?
Thanks  H. Hampton.


  •  There are a lot of objects that can get into a DWG file that become invisible and unpurgable.  The easiest fix is to select everything and then copy (with base point 0,0) and then past it into an empty drawing.  Then save the new drawing as your file.

    -Joe Dunfee
  • Thanks for the help.
  •  Sometimes there is just one block with exaggerated level of details.
    I once had problems with file size when using many annotative dimensions, with several objectscales.
    If Joe's idea should not work, Try to copy only some of the object, to narrow down what object causes the problem.
  • Thanks these ideas worked.
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