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 What brand/type of mouse do experienced BrisCAD users prefer, and that give the best control and results.
I am presently using a Logitech M705.  But to pan I use the middle roller wheel, and it often takes me to places 
that I don't need.
Thanks in advance.  H. Hampton.


  • I use the M310, and formerly the M510. I do all my scrolling and panning with the mouse wheel and have had no problems with either model.

    Maybe the problem is the "hyper-fast scrolling" of the M705? The M310 and M510 don't claim to have that. But wheel-zooming with them is very fast. For fast scrolling in my word processor (Atlantis) I hold the wheel down and move the mouse.

    The M310 unfortunately doesn't have the two extra mouse buttons that the M510 and the M705 have. I miss having backspace and forward buttons for use in browsers and in Windows Explorer. But I mouse with my left hand, so the M510's extra buttons weren't very conveniently placed for me anyway. The M310 is smaller and lighter, and I find it more comfortable.
  • I meant "zooming and panning," not "scrolling and panning."
  •  Thanks for the information.
  • I use a trackball (currently a CST) which I first adopted because of arm pain from tablets and mice.
    For the same initial reason, I also use a device with a zoom wheel with my other (left) hand - it happens to be a wrong handed logitech thumb trackball which I don't like as a pointing device but works ok for this purpose.
    I can press the scroll wheel to pan, along with the other device's ball, but not in the habit of panning much.
    I rather zoom using the same 2 handed action.
  • I use a Logitech MX Master mouse.

    It is a good size with an ergonomic shape that works for me well when I spend a lot of time drawing.

    In the mouse settings I have mapped the side buttons to function as the "middle button" because I find that clicking the scroll wheel sometimes scrolls slightly and stuffs up what I doing. that way I and use the scroll wheel to zoom and the side buttons to pan.

    In the bricscad settings I have set the right-click to function as Enter because I find that a lot more productive than getting a popup menu.

  • Try vertical-style DXT Ergonomic Mouse - all it's claimed to be, super-sensitive and fast using our most micro-precise musculature, as in handwriting - no arm/elbow movement, and the vertical 'handshake' postyre that is far better against RSI/pains etc. It's revolutionised my CAD life.
  • Funny thing is the gaming models are the best for cad in my opinion.
    I've been using Logitech revolution performance and many Logitech mouses with this free spin wheel. But after 2-3 years this third wheel was broken. So I encourage You to go for ergonomic gaming model with good sensor at least 3600ddp (good for 4k monitors). Of course without this crappy free spin technology!
    I have ordered some time ago Logitech G403 - good sensor, lightweight, ergonomic shape, without any whistles which can cause problems after 1-2 year.

  •  Regarding ergonomic mice, I suspect the main benefit of them is simply that they use a different hand position than the non-ergonomic ones.  In other words, it is the change that is important, and less so the actual position of the hand.

    When I started having some wrist issues after a decade of work, I simply switched to using my left hand. Then after a few years, I started to use one hand for my work computer, and another for my computer at home. It took a little time to adjust to the left hand, but it was probably easier for me because I am left handed.

    So, regardless of the style of mouse or trackball, I suggest that you try to mix it up.  Either change styles or change hands occasionally to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

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