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Bim future inside bricscad.


I tested deeply bricsacd bim capabilities for bim and I wrote a similar message to bricscad administration from wich I got no response sadly...

I am impressed by the modelling bim features that bricscad v17 now presents.
When it comes to modelling right now I can assure that bricscad is as powerfull as it's major bim competitors like revit or archicad. ( The compositions concept is magnificent)
But bricscad clearly looses this war when it comes to the ability to print a project like Archicad, Revit.
We just can't export the 3d information in the Project.
Even Active 3d, an available plugin for bricscad and autocad, has much more features when it comes to presentation and printing elements.
Unlike it's revit and archicad competitors bricscad lacks:
- an Internal engine able to produce vectorial 3d hatching and vectorial sun shadows
- 3d dimensions that are annotative and can be printed
- 3d text
- 3d sections inside paperspace viewports

So I now ask the comunity your opinion as bricscad bim users

1 - Should bricscad improve it's paperspace and printing features in the near future?
2 - Would you prefer a bricscad future that relies more on more developped plugins like Active3d (gbcad) or will it try to devolop a better bim solution?


  • Anyway I think I should also give my opinion on Bricscad Bim future:

    1- On the short term the bim workflow needs to include printable text. It's very disappointing that there are no 3d dimensions or text produced by the bimsectionupdate command. Dimensions have to be included and updated automatically! Automatic elevation labels is something also so easy to implement! It's crazy to have rendering materials and miss this core bim features!

    2 - The realistic rendering engine should be a plugin task for partners like artisan or any other company that will do it much better ( vray, indigo, etc…)
    Bricscad should focus on vectorial tasks. Section planes should be rendered vectorial with hatches generated by sun shadows. But always vectorial. After all that's what cad/bim is all about, vectorial. But vectorial doesn't mean having only lines. We need section drawings that are as rich as revit or achicad produces.

    Looking forward to hearing from any bim users out there!

  • The realistic rendering engine should be a plugin task for partners like artisan or any other company that will do it much better

    A very interesting idea Ricardo

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