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A Notepad++ language file for BricsCAD LISP

Hi everyone

For those of you using Notepad++: I created a language file for CAD LISP and Notepad++. It includes BricsCAD functions with syntax highlighting set to italics if the competition's function is lacking.

Hope you like it, otherwise: modify to taste. You'll find it here:


  • Dear Wiebe,

    that lanugaue definition misses all the VLA functions :-)
    And also all those pre-defined "constants" (like NIL, T, and all that many "acXXXX" constants generated from COM side).

    I have attached my AutoLISP definition used with UltraEdit - it is plan text, so you can easily see all the keywards, constants etc.
    Hope, that NPP is able to handle those many keywords :-)

    many greetings !

  • oops - now attached again as ZIP ...

  • Hi Torsten

    I only wanted syntax highlighting, so VLA is supplied as wildcard pattern. And Notorious++ is known for its limits indeed...

    I'll give it a short try and see how far I come... more soon.

  • A Notepad++ user defined language can handle the large set of keywords, but the 3000+ function names have to be split up as they exceed the limits of a single keyword group.

  • Torsten, you use 8 classes in UEW. NPP is limited to 8 Keywords List fields. That looks like "just enough", but it is not. So I've been shuffling a bit to solve the issue you and Roy came up with:

    Classes Torsten uses:
    line /Class
    21 /C1 (constants)
    1212 /C2 (standard autolisp)
    1480 /C3 (visuallisp 'vl-')
    1567 /C4 (visuallisp 'vlr-')
    1614 /C5 (visuallisp 'vlax-')
    1693 /C6 (visuallisp 'vla-')
    3658 /C7 (visuallisp others)
    3712 /C8 (VLE extension library)
    3800 EOF

    What one sees in NPP after choosing "Language" > "Define Language":

    NPP Group 1: Prefix, quote ', defun, c:
    NPP Group 2: BricsCAD only functions, italic, acos, atanh, ...
    NPP Group 3: AutoCAD 2016 functions, -, *, ... , zerop, Should cover TM Class 2
    NPP Group 4: Constants, Covers TM Class 1
    NPP Group 5: Test Values, T nil 0 1 TRUE FALSE Y N y n
    NPP Group 6: TM Class 3 ... 7, part to end of vla-get*
    NPP Group 7: TM Class 3 ... 7, part starting with vla-handletoobject
    NPP Group 8: VLE functions, underlined, vle-*, TM Class 8

    Torsten, do you mind reusing the UEW file? If not, this NPP Language file should be a nice addition without inventing the wheel again. It may be a bit overkill though, with all the extra commands written out in full.

    File for NPP is enclosed...

  • Dear Wiebe,
    "Torsten, do you mind reusing the UEW file?"

    Not at all :-) That's why I had provided that UEW language file here (and btw., it is part of free "Lisp Developer Support Package" as well, see AppCatalog).

    Would be great if you can integrate all into NPP ...
    many greetings & good luck !

  • I put up a gist quite some time ago for Notepad++ AutoLisp highlighting at It's probably not as good as the one posted here (I didn't check) but feel free to use it as a resource if you can get any value from it.

    There is also a list of user-contributed language files for NP++ at

  • Hi Ewen, you inspired me to change some things after using yours with much pleasure in the past - thanks by the way, assuming you are CADbloke. With holidays in the past and some dead lines in the future... I will post the bulky one soon. It does have some limitations I am not happy with, maybe someone can help. More soon...

  • Updated and published here:

    Stuff to read, stuff to download.

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