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Wiebe van der Worp


Wiebe van der Worp
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  • MrArch

    Thank You. Your website was useful and confirms some of my questions. It has been some time since I have configured any new CAD programs other than Autocad. I am now semi-retired and will purchase BricsCad for home use. I remember Autocad always retaining all my customization and lisp settings no matter how many new drawings were opened. I have found that with BricsCad this is not true. If I drag and drop or open a second drawing from Win 10 File Explorer, My startup routines are unrecognized. Do you know of a work around for this?

    December 2017
    • Wiebe van der Worp
      Wiebe van der Worp
      I do not recognize that behaviour. I can double-click in explorer to open it and all code is loaded. Assuming you're using "on_doc_load.lsp" for your code, does entering (findfile "on_doc_load.lsp") lead you to the right spot?
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