Examples and Documentation for C# and C++ using BricsCad V18 Pro SDK's

I am a novice at C# and C++ but trying to learn some basics. I found a very easy step by step AutoCAD example file for creating an AutoCAD Plug in using C#.

I have BricsCad V18 Pro and AutoCAD 2005.

I also have VS 2013 (toolset platform V120) and VS 2017.

I have successfully downloaded various BricsCad SDK versions 2015-2018 but find very little documentation on how to get started.

AutoCAD SDK's are no longer available for AutoCAD 2005. The Example file I ran Netload in Acad 2005 on said:

Cannot load assembly. Error details: Could not load file or assembly
'C:\Users***\Documents\Visual Studio
2013\Projects\CSharpPlugin\CSharpPlugin\bin\Debug\CSharpPlugin.dll' or one of
its dependencies. This assembly is built by a runtime newer than the currently
loaded runtime and cannot be loaded.

I expected this since the AutoCAD SDK was for their Version 2015.

My question is, Can anyone help me convert my file references for the example I have to BricsCad?

For example, What is the equivalent of:

using Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime;
using Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices;
using Autodesk.AutoCAD.DatabaseServices;
using Autodesk.AutoCAD.Geometry;
using Autodesk.AutoCAD.EditorInput;

Reference DLL's in Acad are:


What needs to be referenced in BricsCad?

Link to what I am trying to make work in BricsCad V18 using VS 2013 is:


Any help appreciated. The less technical the better.

If there is any more BricsCad documentation I don't know of, please point me to that as well.

I posted this on the 24/7 developer forum but I'm not sure if anyone will reply there so for now I am posting here too.

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  • Owen Wengerd
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    I appreciate the kind words Jim. The problem with technical documentation is that it's extremely expensive to produce and maintain. Unless there's an audience of thousands, it just isn't practical to invest in professional documentation. The alternative is peer support and muddling through it on your own, which actually can be quite rewarding if you make it through the initial trepidation.

    A good way to get started is to open the C# sample (API\dotNet\CsBrxMgd) in VS, build it, load it, and play with the sample commands. You need to get familiar with the IDE before you start programming. Then you need to familiarize yourself with the API before you start writing your own code form scratch. It takes time, and a whole bunch of mistakes, but rest assured that there are a whole bunch of people just like you happily writing C# plugins for BricsCAD, and they all started out the same way.


  • Two good sources of info are the sample projects in API\dotNet and the developer reference:

  • @Owen Wengerd said:
    Two good sources of info are the sample projects in API\dotNet and the developer reference:

    Thanks Owen,
    I glanced over much of what was in the link you referenced. After re-reading, the small first plug in Autocad project I am trying to run in C# would I guess be what BricsCad calls .net. I'm capable of learning and have worked with lots of Autolisp but even for that I needed to refresh what I knew 20 year ago. For the last 5 or so years before I retired we were using Revit for all new construction projects. I kept using AutoCAD but some of the younger guys in the office wouldn't touch it. Revit still can't create decent details. I drew them and imported them with a reference to a Revit "underlay" detail that we would hide.

    I'm not sure if 2D/3D Cad will still be supported at all a few years from now but I still hear from many one or 2 person architectural firms who can't afford AutoCAD, can't take the needed time to learn Revit don't need it for small projects and can't afford it even if the wanted to use it.

    Our AutoCAD setup has always been highly customized mainly with Autolisp. I always wanted to learn more programming languages but being an Architect had to come first. I programmed Autolisp routines quite a bit as sort of a hobby. ARX/BRX was and still is over my head for now but I'm determined to try learning it. C# seems to be somewhat easier to understand. I just need a good tutorial geared specifically to BricsCad/AutoCAD. The link you sent gives me a few more clues and is helpful.

    I have used and admired your work for many years. I know you are not really a writer but if you did write down some of what you know and tell it in plain English tutorial form I know I would buy it. Hint,

    Thanks again,


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