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Does someone know a site where I can download 3D furniture, trees etc.


  • Google search will yield many many sources. offers a comprehensive catalog of free DLs 2D & 3D (requires registration).

  • You can also import Sketchup models using the *.skp file type option of the Import command.

  • SKP Import not on Mac so far.
    But Google Warehouse is for sure the most extensive source.

    Also furniture firms (Vitra etc.) often offer CAD downloads.
    DWG format is widely available.
    And there is BIMObject site.

    Problem is that most of such resources are terrible Meshes
    and no Solids. And you can easily clutter your File Size and make
    it slow.

    Little harder to find good trees or plants, so it may be convenient
    to buy a good set.

  • edited February 2018
    Ive been running into the same issues and ended up using representative blocks (simple solids, or heavily reduced meshes) that mark the type, size and position of a piece of furniture (office chair, desk_1800x800, sofa_3seat) and only switch them out for high poly proxies when rendering the scene. There was a nice article on BIM level of detail modeling, that addresses this. Let me see if can find it again. I plan on detailing the manufacturer and model number in the bim properties, once decided upon, but I haven't looked into the data export deep enough yet to make use of this.

    What i'm still struggling with, is the +2D_layer concept that allows you to insert nice floorplan and elevation drawings for the block, as the 3d geometry itself is really more of a placeholder. Guess I'll have to do some more experiments...

    EDIT: found it!

    It would be interesting to hear from other people how they handle this. I reckon we're all on the same quest of finding a good bim workflow that doesn't bloat the drawings size and complexity too much...
  • @Louis Verdonck said:
    You can also import Sketchup models using the *.skp file type option of the Import command.

    I'm having difficulties importing a skp file.

    "Failed to read C:\BIM\Light_Desk_Modern_RoundShade.skp"

    This file has been "saved as" from SU pro 2018. Might this be a version issue ?

  • For me a simple SKP 2017 file crashed Bricscad or Shape immediately.
    But it worked well for Support Team, so may be related to my
    Windows 10 running in a Virtual Machine on my Mac.
    I also tried to save as older SKP Version but same result.

  • Hey guys, is anyone knows how to create models visualization using 3D for this kind of Italian furniture?

  • There is furniture in Bricscad shape. it's free. limited but still cool and free. i'm new to bricscad but I know that :-)

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