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Specify first temporary tracking point

My company is using BricsCAD Pro for the last 2 years, without many problems, but now I have found one I seem to cannnot solve. This only occurs in V18, V16 and V17 are fine, which is the reason why we haven’t switched yet.

The problem is, we are using a customized cui file, which includes a customized middle mouse button. On the middle mouse button we use the _enpoint function, which only does something, if you are within a command. With V18 now this command is overwritten by temporary tracking point.

Can I somehow disable this function on the middle mouse button? The cui file looks fine for me (it is the same as in the V17 version). Again, this only occurs during a command, like in the example, the distance command.


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    There is no setting to disable this V18 feature. Which seems like an oversight on the part of the developers as it indeed conflicts with MMB menu customizations (MBUTTONPAN=0). I suggest you send in a Support Request.
    As a workaround consider using Shift+MMB or Ctrl+MMB.

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    Suggest a support request to get a proper answer from the developers -

  • Thank you very much, in this case I will open a support request.

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