_cleanscreenon (Ctrl-0) without effect in Linux

I am very happy to be able able to use V18 in Linux (german version). But both the hotkey Ctrl-0 and the command _cleanscreenon are without effect on the first two machines I installed BricsCAD V18. Is this a known behaviour?


  • Not working here, too.
    openSUSE 42.3 KDE w/BricsCAD V18.1.14

  • I have a custom command that cleans the screen of the only two things I ever show -- the Command bar and the Properties bar. Actually, it toggles them on/off.

    I have it assigned to my F5 key. Ctrl-0 seems like quite a stretch unless you use both hands.

    If you have other things you want to hide sometimes, you should be able to add them to this command. Use Settings or Help to find out what command or variable controls the visibility of each feature.

    (defun c:ToggleCommandPropertiesBar () (if (= (getvar "CLISTATE") 0) (progn (command "COMMANDLINE") (command "PROPERTIES")) (progn (command "COMMANDLINEHIDE") (command "PROPERTIESCLOSE")) ) )

  • For Cleanscreen functionality on Linux (and Mac), V18.2 will be needed, which has yet to appear.
    The feature requires a platform-specific implementation (at least parts of it). For V18.1 only the Windows flavour was ready.

  • No hurry from my side, but while you are at it, CLEANSCREENOPTIONS could IMO use another two bits to make it more useful:
    128 - hide layout tabs
    256 - maximize window

    Avoiding automatic window maximizing would be the more important improvement for me, since the need to minimize wasted screen area arises mostly when I need to display another window alongside of BricsCAD's.

  • BrianG
    edited November 2018

    Yeah this would be a lovely addition and i am too counting on it.


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