Redway sdk global Ilumination

I noticed that redway sdk has astonishing quality with global illumination.
Unfortunatly bricscad makes no use of this capability.

Does anyone know why? Should we expect it in the near future?


  • I also noticed that and already sent a wish SR.

  • @Michael Mayer said:
    I also noticed that and already sent a wish SR.

    Thanks Michael. The fact that autocad has also Ambient occlusion and Final Gather.
    Of course Ambient Occlusion its a fake GI but the Final Gather is a great Photon Mapping algorith with very nice results.

  • I think, and I said at that time, that Global Illumination with
    Physical Sky Light System would be the most priority and
    important render feature for architectural models.
    Because it makes 3D Spaces recognizable.
    (Yes, Ambient Occlusion is fake and should be used with care but it can
    also help a lot for modeling in an OpenGL view, so very welcome too)

    The next priority for me is Fresnel Reflection and Blurry Reflection to make
    basic material characteristic readable.

    I personally would be satisfied already with having the features mentioned
    above. Only after that I would ask for other goodies like proper Texture
    Mapping options and such things.

    As we saw, it is all available in the SDK and I think it will find its way into
    Bricscad over time. But may not have the highest priority in Bricscad
    development. Which I understand as I also suffer more from instability or
    impractical existing features than from missing new features.

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