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I'm trying to draw an arc around a given point (center) and the starting point should be on the opposite side of a circle from this center.

It's pretty easy to do in some packages, it just lights up, click and you're done. BricsCAD only selects the center of the circle. It must be simple in BricsCAD, seems pretty basic, so how is this done?

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    I don't know what you point at, when you say the opposite site of the circle?
    in bricscad (and other cad programs) you have 3 type of snap points you can use on a circle.
    1. the center of a circle (this is your snap point in your image)
    2. the quadrant this are 4 points on the circle in a projected line at 0°,90°,180°,270° (refer to the ucs)
    3.tangent to a circle from a point outside the circle.

    an other possible snap point its not just for circles, but for any kind of "object" is nearest, this will pick a point of any object like the circle
    or an other possibility is to draw a line (a circle, or other shape) an create a line from the intersection of the circle and the object.

    right click on ESNAP (in the right bottom of your screen) ther you can setup the snap points you want to use.
    if you open Help and enter OSnap, you will get a pretty good description for every snap point

    or maybe you just turn off your snap (F3), so the cursor don't snaps to the center of the circle.


  • Thanks for the clue. I realize that I should set up a ray from the intersection through the center of the circle, and then I can snap (yes, ESNAP was on) to the intersection of the ray on the other side of the circle.

    The homework grader wants to see all these lines that were used to find the different points, so it's OK.

    Thanks again!

  • The snap you want is "perpendicular" it will always give you the point that you are looking for, either on the near side or the far side.

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