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Viewports and printing

I have two viewports on my drawing. One viewport is the original one, which I resized and moved around. It looks great.

I added another viewport, but this one prints with a border. How can the border be turned off?

I read this page,
and somewhere it says, "to hide the viewport border, put it on a separate layer and freeze the layer."

I don't understand the rationale behind freezing a layer to cause its border to disappear. But anyway, Bricscad gives me an error, telling me that the layer cannot be frozen.

Thanks for the help!


  • I usually put viewports on the Defpoints layer, which is by default a non-print layer. The modelspace geometry seen through the viewport does print, but the border does not.

  • I have a layer called "viewports" that I set to non-plotting, and when I'm done with the drawing I freeze the layer. I also have a LISP routine that quickly draws a rectangle in model space that equals the extents if the current viewports.
  • To hide a viewport in a layout you can either freeze or switch off its layer. The reason why BricsCAD responds that the layer cannot be frozen is that it is the current layer. The current layer cannot be frozen. Set another layer current, then freeze the viewports layer.
    To prevent the viewport border from being printed set the Print property of its layer to 'No'.

  • This is correct! If I make the viewport one layer and then go to another one, I can then freeze the viewport layer and the border will not print.


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