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Convert drawingview to model space.

How can I open this file with drawingviews in model space?



  • I think you have to Select everything on your Layout and then File>Export>Layout to Model Space
    to a new File. Then you will have a File with your Content in Model Space.
    Seems that looks a bit different than the original Layout though.

  • Thank, but drawingviews are not there.
    And they are the most important.

  • There was an early Video on Bricscad YouTube about that.
    I think you had to select a Viewport and had an option to
    export this especially to Model Space but I did not find
    that option in your special case.

  • I cannot find it, can any help with this?

  • The SECTIONPLANE command is an alternative that would allow you to create 2D Sections, and then the 3D model could be removed from the copy of the drawing you are going to send out.
    Pick two point.get app for pc.
    Select the section plane line>right-click>pick Generate 2D/3D section
    Make sure 2D section is selected, and adjust settings as needed.

  • Thank ,
    but i dont have 3d model,
    I have only *.DWG files with drawingviews,
    which i would like to edit in model space.

  • @Miroslav,

    If you do a select all in model space (even though you can't see anything) and then explode, the 3D item will show up in two pieces.

    Not sure if that is how you should do it, but it worked for me.

  • edited September 2018

    @Miroslav Helebrandt said:
    I cannot find it, can any help with this?

    So basically what I already said above.
    I don't know why, opposite to shown in Video, it skips your Viewports ....

  • Something is strange with your7 "DRAWINGVIEW"s
    There are 14 real Viewports to find in Structure Panel but I can't
    locate them in the drawing ...

  • Bricscad I use only for 2D.
    This *DWG are from Fusion 360,
    there is nice parametric modeling,
    maybe I switch to Bricscad for 3D too.
    I dont know possibilities ...

  • edited August 2019

    There is only few parametric in Bricscads Direct Solid Modelling.
    It is distructive like in Microstation, but offers intelligent Tools
    with multi Solid Editing capability as an alternative.

    You should try it.

  • @moderator: please remove csjoshi9755's message. It is clearly fake.

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