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Ubuntu 18.04 and Bricscad 18 won't install

Hello there

I am trying to install bricscad on ubuntu but the installation bar just goes to 100% real quick and nothing is installed. Really annoying when i started my trial period. I tried purging bricscad and it said nothing is installed. do i need to install it from the terminal or something?


  • Hi

    Please make a ticket in our support channel, our Linux team will love to help you out!

    If you lost a period of your trial period we can always hook you up with an extra trial key, no worries.

    Best regards


  • I also have larger problems installing Bricscad (and keep it running)
    Like :

    Startup Icon attached to Task Bar, will no more work or recognize Bricscad
    after updates, while BC Icon in Start Palette still does.
    (KDE Desktop, Kubuntu)
    To install BC (rpm) at all on OpenSUSE (Tumbleweed KDE),
    looks like access right or App install rights (?)
    (While I am able to install BC and Shape on Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Mint fine)
    (Manjaro ? Can't remember)

    So any step by step Installation Guides or more Info for different Linuxs
    would be nice in general.

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