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Parts Library

One of the features I have been using since its inception is the standard parts library. I use the threads a lot in my models as well as pins, screws and nuts.. In V19 I have tried to insert a thread, a screw, and a pin. What I get is a block that is a cylinder. Nothing that looks like what it is supposed to be. And the way these are presented is very much inferior to what is in previous versions. I have tried this on my Platinum V19 and on a demo of V19 on a different computer (while I wait for the promised upgrade to V19 for upgrading to V18) with the same results. Is this right? Or has this basic functionality now part of Mechanical now? Is anybody else able to get what has been available from V13 on to work in V19 in this regard?
I also do not see any help files anymore. Instead of going to a standard type help file, clicking on help now brings you to the bricsys website. Ok for a short time if this is temporary but not anywhere near as usable as what we had before.


  • Hello Eric,
    About standard parts, you can use "Thread representation" (THREADDISPLAY) setting to control the appearance of threads for standard parts (accessible via Settings dialog and command line). Set it to On, then insert a standard part from the library. If you need to update already inserted parts, set "Thread representation" to On, make sure that "Assembly components updating mode" (BMUPDATEMODE) is set to "[1] Update all compoents" and run BMUPDATE command. It should fix the problem.
    Hope this information was helpful for you.

    Best regards,
    Maxim Shilovsky,
    Bricsys Software Developer.

  • Maxim,
    Thank you for pointing out how to make this work. Is there going to be a help file where I can look things like this up. After I read your message, I tried to find THREADDISPLAY using the Help item on the menu. It brought me to your website which found no results for THREADDISPLAY.

  • We are in process of updating help for V19 on the website, so yes, there will be a description of THREADDISPLAY option (as well as of many other new things and improvements) in the help section of the website. I can't tell you the exact date but it will be very soon.

  • Does that mean the offline help file will no longer be available? I find the traditional help file much more usable that going to your website. For example searching for command reference gives me 14 screens of possibilities instead of an alphabetical dropdown. There is also and index. Search for index on the help site gives me 26 results, none of which are an index. I have learned a lot by browsing the help files it would be a shame if that option is no longer available.

  • I agree that a traditional offline chm Help is still needed, wonderful as the online one is.

    The latter functions as a very capable article-search facility; the chm as an indexed single document. Two different styles of seeking knowledge; I'm sure the older amongst us need the indexed single document.

    If the offline chm could be enhanced with equally good, less literal/fussy search, that would be even better.

    Anyway, it should be 100% possible to work offline. 'Need to be connected' online is the thin edge of a nasty wedge.

  • Offline help is indeed still very useful to have, especially when you are at a place that has no or no good/reliable internet access and you want to look something up. The assumption of always on fast internet access may apply to large parts of the EU and US/Canada but is less common in the rest of the world and even in the US/Candana/EU being in a building with poor reception for WiFi or mobile internet may cause internet access to simply fail.

  • Vast swathes of 'uneconomic' rural USA have internet connectivity so poor that's hard to imagine from W Europe.

  • I would put in an SR regarding off line HELP. Other CAD applications have moved to online help but still provided an option to download.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • @Tom Foster said:
    Vast swathes of 'uneconomic' rural USA have internet connectivity so poor that's hard to imagine from W Europe.

    I can vouch for this from rural Alabama US. I think the last time I checked the US was 7th in high speed internet coverage, perhaps that's by design who knows. Singapore I believe was first.

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