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Ortho not supporting Z direction in Front View

See attached file.

In Front view, with ORTHO On, I'm trying to copy the horizontal member somewhere up the Z axis. It will only allow me to travel in the X direction.
If I switch to Front Left view the copy operation will allow me to climb the Z axis.
Why? It's much easier to work in Front view as it's less cluttered visually.

In Front view, with ORTHO Off, I can climb the Z axis but that's more difficult with the mouse making excursions left and right while climbing.


  • That was a big problem the last days for me too.

    I need orthogonal 2D views where objects will never accidentally
    move in the 3rd depth Axis that you can neither see nor control.

    ORTHO isn't reliable at all, as it will (even in 2D only) prioritize any
    Entity snap instead. But is great when you draw "dimensionless"
    and without snapping.

    POLAR is the new ORTHO and works much more reliable.
    It is more tedious because it is hard to target your cursor near enough
    to the desirde axis, from where you can hit SHIFT to (more reliable) lock
    to that Axis.

    But I was not able to reorient any entity in Top View by snapping
    without unwanted Z loss, other than by Manipulator !
    I tried everything 2D or 3D Move Toolish with POLAR and locking
    a single Axis - 10 minutes later in Isometric again I realized all that
    Maybe it would have worked with v19's new 2-Select in between DYNDIM.

    Beside all those wonderful new Bricscad-only features that are so much
    fun to use, I still get so annoyed if those basic functionalities are so much
    more tedious, error prone, even not existing or behaving Autocad.

  • @Michael Mayer

    So, .... It's not some strange setting I happened to flip on or off by accident to get this unwanted behavior.
    If you're seeing it then it's purposeful in the product.

    I read the description for ORTHO and it does mention ONLY the X & Y axis, but I figured that's just taking a liberty in the documentation as ORTHO obviously works in every plain. WRONG! What I thought was just a shorthand description referencing only one plane appears to be only that plane specific.

    Or, .... is what I surmise true? Why does it work in the Z direction IF I change my lookfrom?

    Very confusing! Thank goodness I just discovered the Manipulator.

  • If You select "UCS orthographic" to be on, then in every orthographic view the UCS will change and ortho will work as You wish.

  • I checked that and my UCSORTHO was already ON.


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