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Camera views

I have found that I can add cameras to my project through the command bar, but I can only seem to view through the camera by way of the prompt immediately after placing one. cameras are probably leftover from the BricsCAD full. Is it possible in Shape to select a camera and then opt to look through it? I can't find the command. I am coming from SketchUp and am hopeful that Shape will provide useful alternative for me on Linux. It is integral to my process that I be able to easily repeat a designated view. Thanks.


  • I see now way.
    There are some Shape inconsistencies so far in things that were cut off
    from Bricscad, or forgotten to cut off from the command line.
    Or inconsistensies by OS, like no option to switch between open files
    in Shape macOS.
    I think these will be sorted out over time.
    Not sure if cameras where thought to stay included at all or not.
    As there are no Saved Views or Layer States either.

  • Hi

    As Michael stated some commands were left commandline only in Shape to leave some flexibility for the more advanced/exploring users. Over time the intention is all functionality in Shape becomes accessible through UI.
    As far as restoring the view from a camera you placed, it is currently possible in Shape but not (yet) in the most user friendly way as you have to know which hoops to jump through :). If you give the camera's you add a name you can restore them through the -VIEW command. You can of course also use the -VIEW command to save views in the first place as well.

    Michael, concerning the open documents this is a Mac/Linux quirk. You'll find in BricsCAD as well the open drawings are not shown in the window menu. There is an existing task concerning this. It is more visible in Shape as in order to keep things simple we chose (force) a single document view as we disabled the tabs to switch between drawings.

    kind regards

  • Indeed, didn't realize that, there is no File Switch in BC's Menu>Window too.
    (And nothing to add from Customize Dialog)

    Over time the intention is all functionality in Shape becomes accessible through UI.

    I like that !

  • I did like the camera function in autocad whereby you could double click on camera icon and it automatically generated separate view and by dragging icon you could investigate model much like a walk through or fly through in real time.

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