Surface finishing

Is there a way to change every single surface of a room (including floors and ceilings) without changing composition walls and slabs?

Thank you


  • nobody knows?

  • I don't think so.
    (Same in Vectorworks)

    And if I look at the files from Revit that my clients send,
    it looks like everything that would be like a single Wall, is separated
    into individual Wall sections along every room.
    Maybe exactly for that reason.
    And it may require lots of Composition "Duplicates" just to define
    any combinations of Wall Structure + left Surface + right Surface.

    I think that is a quite Complex Problem itself and the only solution
    that comes into my(!) mind is something that separates Walls with
    Structural Parts from Surfaces as a later building phase completely
    in general.
    Like adding the Finishing Parts control to Room Spaces Tool or such.
    (Which currently reads those from the Compositions)
    But a need to always set every Room's Finishes for an east, west, north
    and south side sounds tedious though and will still not be able cover
    all situations.

  • Floors and Ceilings are no Problem so far for me.
    (Not sure about any risks in Bricscad ?)
    As I always separate the Structural Slab from an additional Slab
    for my Finish Floor package !

    But that comes from Vectorworks where I have no risk or problem to
    separate my Floors and Floors are easy to insert into rooms by fill bucket.
    Similar is not possible for VW's Walls as touching Walls would interfere
    with and corrupt VW's Wall Auto Connections.

    I think the only Problems in Bricscad to divide Walls into separate Solids
    for Structure and Finish are :
    a) Windows inserted may cut through only 1 single Solid
    b) BIMSUGGESTT may fail because of too much complexity

    (I think a) is already in development ?)

    Would be nice to hear what developer think about this problem and
    what their ideas and recommendations are.

  • Ive been down the road using several compositions that have different surface finishes applied. I've also seen the same principle applied in customers files from other software (judging by the imported compositions). It kind of works but it quickly gets out of hand with more than 2 or 3 finishes, given all the different combinations. I think you can set wall finishes in the room tag, but thats purely text information
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