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Invalid index and can't fix it

hi hello,

is there someone who can help me? maby i did something wrong, parts set by mistake. i am new with bricscad and i like the programm, but printing is not working: invalid index Looked on the forum but nothing is working till now..


  • I had the same problem and started an incident with support. Here's their answer:

    During the life-cycle of BricsCAD [Linux] V18 our developers have decided to abandon direct printing to other physical and virtual printers and instead to always use the "Print as pdf.pc3" device. In V18 Linux you can only print to PDF and then print the PDF to the physical printing. This is a design choice.

    From release notes:
    (PRINT FLOW: BricsCAD now always prints to PDF. BricsCAD relies on the OS for previewing and physical printing. Page setup remains available as before. PDF export remains independent from PDF Printing as before.)

    Related to the issue you have encountered. There is still possible to edit "Print as Pdf.pc3" with the plotter configuration editor and then change the printer selection to a physical printer. This shouldn't be possible and our team is working to fix it.
    To eliminate the error "Invalid index" please delete the file 'Print as PDF.pc3' from the following location and restart BricsCAD.

    I was running the trial version and my trial is over. I'm waiting for v19 to be released on Linux before purchasing a license, so I just stopped all work on BricsCAD till mid year.

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