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Render Material Imports - DWG and IFC

Somehow I haven't been able to see Render Material Assignments,
from my clients Revit Exports, in Bricscad.

  1. DWG - Assignment
    Materials are somewhat imported, but no Assignment at all.
    All Entities are set to "By Layer".
    But I think that is not true.
    In this case,
    the few Layers are used for Objects with multiple Materials,
    like a whole Curtaiun Wall System, Glas Panels and Beams.
    Also each Entity has its Color assigned by Objects
    (Which fits to different Material usage, from my experience)

So I assume that all Materials are applied "By Object"
but Bricscad generally skips such Assignment and always sets
it to "By Layer " instead.

  1. DWG - Materials
    There come in far more Materials in DWG than there are in reality.
    In IFC/DAE I have about 75 different Materials, in DWG there are
    about 750 Materials !?
    They all come in like :

What I notice is that there are often Duplicate Materials (up to 4 ?)
for the first number block, they only differ in the 2nd number block.
And given the names of the (missing) Immage Textures,
I come to the conclusion that all :
should in fact be a single Material only,
where the XXXXXXXX number describe just the Material Shader Slot like :
Also they miss their proper "human readable" naming.
(Not sure if it got skipped or isn't in DWG)

  1. IFC - Assignment
    Unfortunately, again, all Material's Assignments lost.

  2. IFC - Materials
    Material Import looks much better.

- Only a single Material Definition for each Material
- human readable Materal Naming

Unfortunately all Texture Assignments/Paths got lost.
(Does that require IFC 4.0 ?
Or was that just needed for embeddeing Image Texture Files into IFC ?)


  • To add,
    for IFC,
    Physical Materials are imported by Compositions.
    But they don't have the Render Materials assigned to them ...

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