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unwanted keystrokes during DIM command

I find that sometimes I get extra keystrokes when typing in a dimension command. For instance,

Dimensioning command [HORizontal/VErtical/ALigned/ANgular/Leader/OBlique/ROtated/CEnter/Diameter/RAdius/Baseline/COntinue/ORdinate/Position/DIStribute/UPdate dimensions/variable STatus/OVerride/SEttings.../LAyer]:h_ahv

I did not type _ahv, just h. Other times there are no unwanted keystrokes. Or this:

Dimensioning command [HORizontal/VErtical/ALigned/ANgular/Leader/OBlique/ROtated/CEnter/Diameter/RAdius/Baseline/COntinue/ORdinate/Position/DIStribute/UPdate dimensions/variable STatus/OVerride/SEttings.../LAyer]:h_continue

Again, I only typed h.

I am using Version 19.1.08 (x64) revision 58779.

Any ideas what is wrong? It's also not just h. I have seen other keys do this (I think v).


  • In theory it is possible to accidentally click on the PROMPTMENU. Are you using a touchpad perhaps? I do not recognize '_ahv' though.

  • Thanks for your reply Roy. No, I have a tower form PC, with an optical two button mouse. Sometimes I get zooms I don't intend with this mouse's wheel. I am also using a mechanical PS2 keyboard with USB converter.

    I find the PROMPTMENU variable set to zero, so I that menu us not appearing.

    But the PC has issues, so it might be that. I just haven't seen these characters appear in any other app than Bricscad.
    The tower is having another problem that seems not related to Bricscad. I am running in trial mode to avoid losing my license if that machine dies. The problem is that when using Windows Explorer (or Save As) and connected to the internet, Windows hangs. About 4 times a day. First the UI does nothing, and then the pointer stops moving about 8 seconds later. I have to hold the power button shut down. I am probably going to re-install (or 'refresh'?) Windows 7. Then re-install all apps.

    I may try version 19 on my laptop, with a (different) keyboard and mouse. Then, see if the same drawings have these unwanted characters appearing.

  • New computer, new keyboard, and still this problem. Currently running 19.1.11 Platinum on Win 10 64 bit.
    These unwanted 'macros' or whatever they are are a nuisance.

    Anybody else see this?

  • Still happening with version 20.

  • I have opened a support ticket.

  • It turns out that these characters are a byproduct of a dimension command feature. If you are not hovering over a solid, the extra characters do not appear.

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