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v19 for mac?

Anyone got a timeframe for when we can expect v19 for mac? And please, devs, take your time if it means a more stable product :wink:


  • I think it was around February the last years.
    Linux another bit later (It was said May ?)

  • Thanks Michael. I did get a response a month ago when I asked about it via customer service, but it was 100% vague: "We are working on V19 for MAC and will let you know when it is available. Thank you for your patience and patronage."

  • Maybe a quarterly cycle,
    Windows, macOS, Linux, Shape, Windows, mac ...

  • I've been postponing an answer to this post...
    Timing promises are dangerous, so I intentionally will not mention time frames.

    We have been publishing BricsCAD releases first on Windows, then later on Mac, and even later on Linux.
    For V20 we intend to mend that. Our goal is to publish on all platforms at the same time.

    To make this V20 goal more reachable we decided to skip V19.1 on Mac and Linux altogether.
    Ironically eliminating the platform delay brings more delay. So it goes :(

    The first V19.2 beta is in full preparation on Windows and Mac.

  • Tijs,
    I am very very happy to read this.

    My goal,
    thanks to Modo and Bricscad Support,
    is going completely Linux until the end of this year.
    (Still hope I could stay with preferred Mac platform
    though. But it doesn't look very bright))
    Knowing there is a BC v19 Windows, but needeing to wait
    for all these beautiful features, would be very hard.

    It wasn't that hard with the Mac Version in the past as they
    were released as a XX.2 versions, 3 month after Windows.
    But this way it is of course much better.

  • Ok guys, it's time to release something..

    Ironically eliminating the platform delay brings more delay. So it goes :(

    The first V19.2 beta is in full preparation on Windows and Mac.

  • BricsCAD(Mac) V19.2.02 BETA was released on February 25.
    It is only available for beta testers though.
    (If you want to become a beta tester, please request this in a support request.)

  • Not that I would not have v19 problems,
    But v19 and iTunes are running fine here beside each other on Mojave ...

  • I am pretty sure that tommyshelby is not using BricsCAD. He just wants to 'drop' an off-topic link to promote his website and, I suppose, raise his search engine ranking.

  • Thanks Roy.
    This time I didn't get it, I haven't even realized there was a link :)

    I was just happy that there is a problem that others have and I don't ...

  • These promotion posts are a pain... removed the post.

  • So, v19 Mac is there.
    Beside my usual GUI glitches ans some strange Structural Browser behavior
    it seems to work well and feels quite stable.
    I already love it.

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