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Quick usage of RGB / True Color

We have to work

  • with colours by elements (not bylayer) and
  • with defined RGB / true Colours

In Autocad, we have defined a special colour-book and use it; in Brics V18 that's not possible - and the intensive usage of RGB is very hard.

Is there a solution / an app / a workaround to work with a list of defined RGB-values?

Thanks for advice!


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    If you don't have hundreds of those custom colors, you could create a custom command or macro or script for each one, and maybe a custom pull-down menu or toolbar with just those color selection tools. You could make a solid block of each color to use as the icon for that tool, so it would feel similar to using the Properties bar to set color.

    The command-line syntax for assigning a color to a pre-selected set is:
    chprop c RGB:71,176,184

    So the lisp code to create a custom command to do that would be:
    (setq s1 (ssget)) (command "chprop" s1 "" "c" "RGB:71,176,184" "")

    I know you can paste that lisp code into the Command box of a menu command.
    I don't use toolbars or macros or scripts, but I'm sure there are easy ways to do the same thing using those.

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    Another possibility would be to keep objects of your custom RGB colors in your template file, and use Matchprop to transfer the colors to new objects.

    But to make Matchprop apply only to Color you have to use the Settings option and select the properties to be matched by mouse clicks on a pop-up dialog. I can't find any other way to change that setting, e.g. by the main Settings dialog or by a variable. If there were a variable, I could save the old value, then set it to color-only, then use Matchprop to transfer color, and then change the variable back to the old value.

    If you don't use Matchprop to transfer any other properties, or if you don't mind the pop-up and one or two mouse clicks each time you use it, that might work for you.

  • I think I would temporarily use numbered ACAD colors
    and finally change these to proper RGB Colors at the end.

    But sounds a bit like lots of room for improvements in
    color handling though.

  • Thanks Anthony

    seems that I didn't miss a standard feature.
    I will make a Lisp-solution with DosLib to get a quick list-selection menu.

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