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Need help with industrial spiral staircase layout V18 Platinum

Trying to layout this using the helix tool as a path then using sweep but the channel "side rails" are not coming out symmetrical. I put the helix centered between the channel profiles assuming that would be the most accurate but it's not forming correctly. Autodesk has an "app" called advanced steel where this stuff is automatic, I didn't see where Brics had anything comparable in their 3rd party store. Does anyone know of a program that might work or advise me on a better way of laying this out? See attached pic for reference, thanks!


  • Using the _Sweep command you typically do not have to align profile entities with the path. The command will do this for you. But selecting the correct basepoint is usually required.

  • Still struggling on this I'm afraid. Perhaps someone out there who's "bored" would like to try this out? I'm trying the create the stair stringers using the channel profiles shown at the bottom. I have them shown at the top also where they're supposed to stop underneath the platform. I've tried sweep and extrude using a helix path but just can't get it right. Would this be easier in V19 mechanical? See attached drawing file if you want to have a go at it.

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  • @Tim Neumann
    What is it you do not understand about my previous contribution?

  • Roy, keep getting an error saying "profile not perpendicular to the path". Does it matter what "position" the UCS is? Regarding base points where would be the correct base point in this application? Tried moving the "helix path" around: to bottom/top of channels, centered between channels and etc. but still doesn't work. Using the extrude command with path option causes it to "corkscrew".

  • You should have a look at my dwg.

  • @Roy Klein Gebbinck said:
    You should have a look at my dwg.

    Yes, it looks like you centered the helix between the channels and placed the end point level with the tops of them. I'll try that and see what happens. Another question if I may: will be upgrading to V19 mech soon, are there any improvements you're aware of that may make things like this easier?

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    I have centered the helix because you used the word 'symmetrical' in your OP. The helix can also match the inner or outer channel. It just boils down to selecting the correct basepoint. And the alignment of the profile entities relative to the X-axis is important as well.

    I am still 'on' V18 so can't comment on V19.

  • FYI - thanks for all the comments! My supervisor changed the "risers" to flat bars instead of channels which will make things a lot simpler - I hope!

    Anyways when I get this project done I'll post the "end result" for those who might be interested.

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