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Older versions of Bricscad

We just purchased 3 new licenses of Bricscad 19. The plan is to run Cadworx 2019 on top of BC19, instead of AutoCAD. currently BC19 is not compatible with CW 2019, but I can run CW 2019 on top of BC18.2 which is unfortunate because I can't use the pointcloud tools available in BC19 with CW 2019, regardless, can I use these license numbers I get for BC19 to work on BC18.2 also when can BC19 run the latest version of CW2019.


  • I think yes.
    AFAIK I have licensed v18 + v19 with the same v19 license on the same
    Machine now. Before v18 ran still with the old license while v19 in demo mode.

    Older Licenses get deactivated over time, the newer licenses should work
    for and include older Versions too.
    (At least to a certain point of vintage ?)

  • Thank you Michael this is wonderful news, do you know if there is a plan to get Cadworx on top of bricscad 19

  • @Bashar - I had a meeting with 'CADWorx Management' yesterday, and asked the same question. I understood from the answer that the version of CADWorx supporting BricsCAD V19 is just coming to the market.

  • Thank you Per, this is good news, now we can plan.

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