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C# Ribbon Text Setting

So I took a crack at running the sample API program CsBrxMgd (the C# sample program in the API directory of BricsCAD), and there seems to be an issue with the samp37 command that calls Ribbon.Addbuttons(). Anyone have any ideas on the correct way to being setting the RibbonButton text as the way BricsCAD is telling us directly isn't working. Attached a screenshot of the error.

The code directly in question causing this error is the part where it the button1Panel.Text is set.. Again not my code, but showing it below:

                RibbonButton button1Panel1 = new RibbonButton();
                button1Panel1.ToolTip = "1";
                button1Panel1.Text = "This is a managed ribbon button from the panel with the title \"ManagedRibbonPanel1\"";
                button1Panel1.CommandParameter = "rectang";
                button1Panel1.ExternalImage = true;
                button1Panel1.Image = "a_large.png";
                button1Panel1.Id = "1";


  • I'm afraid You are on your on with this kind of problems! There are not enough users with knowledge and experience to help. Add the poor documentation, almost full absence of Bricsys staff in these forums and You get the picture. I'm in the same boat and almost ready to give-up and concentrate entirely on Rhino where the help is almost instant!

  • Hi Chili

    Can you put your issue in a support request, my colleagues will gladly help!



  • I get the same exception with BricsCad 19.2.07.
    The same code worked until BricsCad 19.2.03.
    I wrote a support request today.

  • According to the answer of my support request, this is a known issue and will be fixed in 19.2.08.

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