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Saving format... Autocad 2013

Hi, I'm new to BricsCAD and so far love it. However, I just noticed when it saves, it saves in AutoCAD 2013. Why is that? I tried to save as AutoCAD 2018 and then my file was corrupted and from then on kept crashing the software??? Any ideas?


  • Even if BricsCAD is using the DWG 2018 format, the default setting is to save as DWG 2013. This can be changed, if you want to. That you have problems saving as DWG 2018 seems strange, but you might have some corruption in the file. Did you try to run an Audit and correct any possible errors?

  • The SafeFormat user preference controls the default file format. You can edit the preference in the Settings dialog under Program Options / Open and Save.

  • Thank you for this. Will it cause compatibility issues or errors? when I changed it manually to 2018, that's when I encountered corruption errors after.... Is it bad if I leave it as is at the 2013?
  • Compatibility issues only occur when you send the file to somebody who uses software which cannot read the 2018 format. Please file a support request to address your corrupted file issue at:

  • edited May 2019
    Per Gogstad... I re-saved my file as the 2013 format then deleted the other file and issue was gone. I'll try again to see if it works but if the 2013 is fine I don't need to change it I guess. I was just wondering....
  • @Louis Verdonck will do if it happens again. I re-saved as 2013 and deleted the corrupt file.
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