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Forum's spam

The last couple of months I see a lot of spam here!


  • Yes,
    Bricscad does a good job deleting them immedeately during working days.
    On Weekends I flag all SPAM that they have less work to find it on Monday.

    I don't understand why they rain their Link SPAM over such a special and
    small forum. I feel with the moderators.

  • One issue is that posts deleted from the Discussions remain visible in the Activity section of the forum and related user profiles are seldom removed. So spammers still get what they want: a permanent link on a reasonably trustworthy forum (to boost their search engine rating I suppose).

  • Hint to tech support ...

    When I was an active white hat hacker protecting my clients from SPAM, I used TMDA (Tagged Message Delivery Agent) to force a confirmation from the sender to release his/her/it's first email. Basically, the sender needs permission to have the email go thru.

    TMDA would create 'white' and 'black' lists automatically with the end user having the ability to override those lists if they chose to do so. Most people never touched those lists. Usually, I got a panic call from a client once TMDA became active complaining users email quantity had seriously diminished. Well, yeah, no more SPAM.

    Spam was almost non existent on client servers because a bot would not confirm a SPAM email. Most bots won't even accept an email from any source. They just blast out but refuse to take in, so their SPAM stayed in a hold queue for X days before it was deleted without ever annoying anyone.

  • Forum Spam is really detracting from use. I notice in some cases spammers are replying to legitimate posts, replacing included url links with their own. I don't think it is nice to have the reputation of legitimate posters damaged in this way.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V19 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

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