BreakObjects22.lsp File - Command Line Error Code Attached - Startup Error

A fledgling LISP programmer asks: See the attached error taken from the subject routine loaded with an autoload statement in the "on_start.lsp" file in BricsCAD v19.1 Platinum version.
Can you see and provide a hint on resolving this error?


  • The error message is quite informative.

    ; ----- Error around expression -----
    ; in file :
    ; C:\Users\chill\Documents\BCAD\LISP\Breakobjects22.lsp
    Error: bad argument type <NIL> ; expected <STRING> at [strlen]

    ACADFN is nil.
    Because "ACAD.PAT" cannot be found in the search path.
    Because the default hatch pattern files for BricsCAD are "default.pat" and "iso.pat".
    Apart from changing the filename you will also have to update this code:
    (substr acadfn 1 (- (strlen acadfn) 8)
    "ACAD.PAT" has 8 characters.

  • Interesting! I appreciate your comments and time, sir.

  • Will do, Charles! BTW, I am glad I switched to this our current CAD software. Fine folks like you and Mr. Gebbinck are but two reasons for my elation.


  • I cannot locate what is most likely a LISP "101" level error: Debugging practice time with BLADE is needed.
    The syntax with the double quotes appears to be correct as I checked it with a FINDFILE statement.

    The LOAD statement gives an error (replacing FINDFILE with LOAD).

    Here is the message at the command line:
    (findfile "breakobjects23.lsp")
    (load "breakobjects23.lsp")

    ; ----- Error around expression -----
    ; (LOAD "breakobjects23.lsp")
    ; error : malformed list on input at [read] : File <C:/Users/chill/Documents/BCAD/LISP/breakobjects23.lsp>

  • I am confused.

    If so, is the modified line of code needed?
    (substr acadfn 1 (- (strlen acadfn) 8)
    "ACAD.PAT" has 8 characters.

    Considering the changes reflected in the latest version , BreakObjects23.lsp, should I change the number to 11 characters as in "default.pat" instead of 8 characters in "acad.pat"?

    I have much learning to do!

  • OK, before you leave, I found the mismatched parentheses. How do I resolve the final impediment to a successful run? Here is the latest error string:

    (load "breakobjects23.lsp")
    Break routines loaded, Enter Mybreak to run.

    ; ----- LISP : Call Stack -----
    ; [0]...C:MYBREAK
    ; [1].....CREATE_BREAKDCL <<-- ; ; ----- Error around expression ----- ; (STRLEN ACADFN) ; in file : ; C:\Users\chill\Documents\BCAD\LISP\breakobjects23.lsp ; ; error : bad argument type <NIL> ; expected at [strlen]

  • The somewhat modified code is attached...

  • Sorry I'm in the middle of something & can't break away. :)

  • Hi CAB. That code has certainly weathered the ravages of time.

  • Kerry Brown
    edited June 2019

    @chillme1 said:
    The somewhat modified code is attached...

    It would be nice if you changed the name of code you modify and post back on the forums. Simply adding a suffix with your name would be good.
    The reason: 'someone' in the future may download the code and try it without being aware of it's imperfections ; which will lead to more demands on the authors resources.

  • Perhaps your changes need looking at

    fn (strcat (substr acadfn 1 (- (strlen acadfn) 8))fname)
    fn (substr acadfn 1 (- (strlen acadfn) 11))


  • Kerry Brown
    edited June 2019

    found some time between naps ...

    try this perhaps around line 870

      (if (dcl-rev-check fname)
        ;; create dcl file in same directory as ACAD.PAT  
          (setq patfn (if Brics "default.pat" "ACAD.PAT")
                acadfn (findfile patfn)
                ;; kdub revised ;; fn (strcat (substr acadfn 1 (- (strlen acadfn) 8))fname)
                fn (strcat (vl-filename-directory acadfn) "\\" fname)
                fn (open fn "w")
          (foreach x (list    >>>>>


  • Kerry and others of this kind audience,

    Your comments and Kerry's suggestions on how to improve posts with disciplined attachment naming are all welcome.

    Wrap up of this issue follows:

    See the attached "Error....txt"
    This file includes command line error statements when attempting to start the program.

    See the "on_start.lsp" file:
    I cannot determine but will assume the error occurs in my customized version of the "on_start.lsp" file
    It contains a statement loading the latest version of

    BREAKOBJECTS23.LSP (Modified)
    See the "BreakObjects23.lsp" and is attached as "Modified_per_CEH_w_Kerry_Code_6Jun2019_BreakObjects23.lsp"
    (Strip all but the original filename of "BreakObjects23.lsp" to test )

    The error appears to be a simple parenthesis mismatch. I cannot find this mismatch.
    Please review and confirm where this error occurs both in the line and in which actual program file?

    I have much more LISP learning to do!


  • @chillme1
    What you have done is a bit strange. The code Kerry provided should be used to overwrite a portion of the file. Not inserted randomly. Go back to the original file and try again. And you should not paste this part: '>>>>>', this simply indicated that the original code continues here.

  • chillme1
    edited June 2019

    I agree: You do strange things when floundering: I am rightfully feeling the embarrassment of ignorance. I think it is finally enough to start focusing on a single programming language since switching to this application and BLADE!

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