Export to DWF has changed in V19

I have several hundred drawings set up to export to DWF format.
I recently upgraded to V19 and all DWF exports are now moved across the page to the left.
almost as if the centre of the paper space frame had become aligned to the left hand side.

I have had to reinstall v16 because of this occurrence.
I have a lot of files which need to still be exported in the DWF format.

Does anybody have any ideas about a workaround for V19?


  • Davec,
    Sorry, don’t have an answer, but I do appreciate what you are going through while trying to still be productive w/ the new release.
    Just installed V19 on a new PC & have been trying to get all the V18 customizations off my old PC, a time consuming endeavor, wish it was less time consuming than it is.
    In a former life one of my duties was managing 300 P&IDs, & regularly created DWFs when reving a DWG. The problem you mentioned w/ the V19 DWF issue would be very disheartening, having to find out the hard way it does not work anymore, & then taking the extra time it takes to resolve the issue.
    It would be nice to know things like changes to the creation of DWF files prior to upgrading, so as to have a heads up & anticipate resolving the issue before crunch time when someone demands a DWF “right now”.
    Will be watching to see what the fix is, as it will undoubtedly be relevant to a number of us V19 users.

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