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Find and replace using command line


I am looking for some solution, script or lisp that works like find (text) and replaces its contents but using command line.
The issue is that same names are genereted in Excell and I would like to change all of them in a drawing. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance for your help


  • uh, yes and no. I have an AutoCAD plugin at that I am porting to BricsCAD but the ETA on that is notoriously unreliable. Uh, so is the documentation. It does actually have undocumented commands (I had to check the source code to find them) but the UI may be more useful anyway, it does multiple searches which you can load and save from a CSV file (will be Excel files in a near-future version).

    Pic attached of the batch screen. Those searches are mostly Regular Expressions but it does plain text too.

    Is this what you're looking for? Let me know what would work for you.

    2019-07-20 19_59_17-CADreplace.png
    1473 x 626 - 88K
  • Actually, that hurt a lot less than I thought. I still have testing to do and an installer to build but here is CAD replace running in BricsCAD.

    CAD replace in BricsCAD 2019-07-21 21_18_47.png
    1134 x 683 - 81K
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