Video Card Preference

Does anyone have an affordable video card preference for Bricscad?

I must use an AGP type card.

Asus ATI Raedon HD 3650 512MB

Nvidia Geforce 6200 512 MB

or other


  • In my experience ATI does not have a good support on linux in general (right now).

    For 3d its better Nvidia.

  • I have an Nvidia Quadro FX 1500. I had big problem with akmod-nvidia (in Fedora) but with the proprietary drivers from website it's all perfect. In my home pc i have a radeon hd 4350 and i have problem with free drivers and proprietary drivers.

  • I have no problems with an integrated ATI Radeon HD4200 with the proprietary drivers. If you stick to the supported distros you'll be fine. And you will probably have to try different GLSWAPMODE settings. Unfortunately Bricscad doesn't work with the open-source radeon drivers right now.

  • I am using an Nvidia 9800 GTX+ card and it works just fine.

    There was a bug in the driver version 235.35, that seg faulted, but an update to 260.19.12 solved that problem.


  • whenever you going to buy a video card then at first you need to check the compatibility with the system and router. Because while you are trying to update the driver you may face Netgear Router Password Issues and then you need to solve it again. So for that, I want to suggest that go with the compatibility first then go for a new video card.

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