BricsCAD Classic: Any 3rd Party Limitations?

I understand that Classic allows LISP customization. I am unsure and would like to know Classic's capability when its comes to using 3rd party applications.
For example, a 3rd party application that I now use with BricsCAD Platinum v19 is the excellent "ToolPac" application by Will Classic run it as well? Why or why not?

C. Hill


  • As far as I can read from their website, this tool only support Pro and higher, not Classic.

    Whether Classic will support a 3-rd party application, depend on how the developers have made their applications. Pure Lips applications, Classic will support but not applications based on VBA, BRX (ARX) and .NET.

    Your question 'why or why not' might be better answered by the developers of ToolPac. They will know what they have used to make their applications and why it will not work with BricsCAD Classic.

  • Thanks! As you suggested, I may follow up with the developer concerning Classic.

  • Terry Dotson
    edited August 2019

    Thanks for the positive keedback. May as well post the answer here. Classic does not provide support for .NET add-ons, so ToolPac requires Pro or Platinum Windows. ToolPac is currently 65% .NET and 35% .LSP and we regularly (annually) convert .LSP by rewriting it in .NET. Nothing wrong with LSP it's just that (for us) dialog based tools work better in .NET.

  • To all readers. Immediate responses (like this one by application developer, Mr. Dotson), excellent support and tools make up the products by Dotsoft. (I am not associated personally or business-wise with this developer: This is a non-paid reply)

    Terry D.,
    I now understand. Thanks!

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