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Shadow under LookFrom control

Is possible remove shadow under LookFrom control?


Bricscad 17.1.20 was installed on Xubuntu 16.04.


  • This LookFrom 'shadow' is an unintentional display artifact. Unfortunately it cannot be removed.

    I tried to fix this bug some time ago, but I failed. It looked like a gtk bug, and it is not within reach for us to fix this in gtk level.
    I hope we can avoid it in a future version by a redesign of the LookFrom.

  • I'm on V19 Ubuntu 18.04 and the fog / shadow suddenly disappeared and I could actually read the text for the various lookfrom positions as I hovered the moused over the control.

    Then the fog / shadow came back. I have no idea what I did or why it suddenly worked, but because it did work means the inherent capability is there and something is stepping on it most of the time.

    BTW - I've had the lookfrom disappear completely only to find it as a separate application as far as Ubuntu is concerned.

  • I just exited BricsCAD and started it up again and noticed that the fog/shadow was gone so I took a print screen of it.
    As I work the text eventually disappears. That smells like an invalid memory pointer issue.

    Screenshot from 2019-09-01 19-39-57.png
    1440 x 900 - 106K
  • Lookfrom seems a bit sensitive.
    I also notice some issues every now and than under Linux and Mac.

    • Lookfrom positioned far from right view border
    • Bricscad crashing/freezing/disappearing but Lookfrom stays on screen.

    I think the Problems where lookfrom was hidden under the right Tool Panel,
    after extending it were solved meanwhile.
    Generally it feels a bit hard for me to find the right cursor position to change view.
    Like when I want to switch to top view, I often get front view instead and vice versa.

  • Bricscad crashing/freezing/disappearing but Lookfrom stays on screen.

    That means it's a separate application as far as Linux is concerned. That's what I mentioned in my post. Every so often, the lookfrom vanishes from within BricsCAD and if I use Linux's facilities to check on other applications, there's the lookfrom on its own.

    **Like when I want to switch to top view, I often get front view instead and vice versa.

    I've gotten that feeling also, but upon reflection I wrote it off to my improper mouse position when I made the selection. There's no way to tell where one selection starts and the other ends, so it's easy to guess wrong. Each possible selection should be a pie wedge in a different shade than it's neighbor so delineation is more obvious.

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