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DXF new codes

Hi there,
I noticed that in plain-text DXF files, there are codes like 5005. What are they? DXF standard, as it has been created, describes codes until 1071. Do you have a reference of such new codes?
This would be of great help to interpret your DXF files outside Brics. thanks


  • That is simply a bug :-(
    Which software created the DXF file, BricsCAD ?
    We know that there was such a bug, it is fixed in recent BricsCAD versions ... those >= 5000 are API level codes for RTNORM, RTERROR, and similar, and should never appear in a valid DXF file.

    many greetings !

  • Yes, the files was created by BricsCAD with LISP. Thanks for your reply, fortunately the code 5005 was followed by a single string, and was easy to skip.

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